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Easy like Sunday Morning!

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

9am here in New York City.  Hot as hell.  Baby Eric just took a dump, now he is chilling on the couch, so I thought I would post my awesome thoughts.

I saw Cavalera Conspiracy last night.  Great show.  I thought the set was short, but what can you do?  Max sounded great, Igor awesome, everyone awesome.  I stood right near the pit, and got tossed around a bit, but nothing serious.  I leave the moshing to Owen.

We went to the old PIT STOP. Which was fun, tom and I threw some darts which was also a lot of fun.  Not too many buy backs, but what can you do?  It isn’t Pit Stop anymore.  I had to put my darts in my shoe since they had metal detectors, which was uncomfortable, but I still have my darts!

After the show we went Back to PIT STOP, but i was wicked tired, and KNEW I was getting up early, so at 1230 or so I went home.

All in all a great fun time.

This morning I was surfing and found this pic of Terminater 4, only reason I am vaguely interested is that Christian Bale is in it.  Here  is the pic, see you tomorrow

T4 Bale

Will I see this movie this weekend?

Friday, July 18th, 2008

Tomorrow is cavalera Conspiracy (see post underneath) and the boyz can’t get out early to go see the dark knight. So do i sneak out early myself and go see it? Or Wait……. DAMN IT. Happy Friday !

another joker

Countdown to Cavalera!

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

This Saturday the boys and myself will be heading to Irving Plaza to see Cavalera Conspircay. I couldn’t be more excited about this show. Hope they play some old Sepultura tunes as well as their new album (which is awesome).

Work on the other hand is crazy busy. Blew a Switch yesterday which caused much chaos. Made me re-think our disaster recovery scenarios.


It’s Hump Day again….

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

I took yesterday OFF!!! To take care of business and it was well worth it. Big decision is now do we move BACK to Long Island? It’s a tough one.

I was “late” to work today, getting here at 9 A.M. Lot’s of stuff that i need to catch up on, so this will be short and sweet. For your entertainment check out Deathstarinc Where I post as Vader and my bro is the Emporer.

Weekend Festivities!!!!

Monday, July 14th, 2008

This was a great weekend for me. Let me break it down by Day.

FRIDAY – Went out with the boyz. Drinking, darts, etc. It was a blast. Let’s just say I can’t keep up with Owen and Tom in the drinking department. But in DARTS news. I shot like a pro! Seriously. Best highlight of the night. We went to Biddy’s for our 2nd bar. I was playing with Tom, I was at the board for awhile, so everyone was trying to de-throne me and tom. We were playing owen and some other guy (I was drunk sorry other guy). They were beating us in Cricket. I need 4 bullseye to win. I walk up. Double bull single bull, Double Bull. GAME OVER! IT was great.

We went to the GAF After that , but the drinks had taken over and I just sat around until we left. Great night!

Saturday – Bon Jovi. I wake up at 830am. Hungover, but not terribly. Jump in the shower, get dressed, go to Central Park. Get there around 915am. Wait on line…… I was about #300 in line. It was awesome. Gates opened at 2pm. And we had to RUSH THE STAGE to get our “spot”. Well good running and WAY out of breath, We got probably what would be 10th row.!!!! Freaking aweomse. MY wife was psyched, I was psyched and tired. Then a mere 6 hours later Bon Jovi took the stage. I have to say it was A LOT of fun. Took some good pictures, but i can’t get them off my phone, HELP!. It was a blast to spend the day with the wife and not have any kids to worry about, and just enjoy eachother (until Bon jovi played, then the wife ignored me ).

Bon Jovi Crowd

Sunday – Did a family day thing and went to the Queens zoo. The whole family had a nice relaxing day. I loved it ! Here is a picture of Alayna and my wonderful wife at the zoo!


This weekend was just what I needed. Now I am back at work at 8am…….. fun times.

Game ON tonight, and Bon Jovi

Friday, July 11th, 2008

Two weird things eh? Let me explain. Wife and children are out on Long Island today and tonight. Taking Alayna to see Cinderall! Should be fun. Well instead of me going out to Long Island tonight just to come back tomorrow morning, I am going out with the boys tonight, shooting darts, drinking beers, etc. Then getting up early and heading to central Park to see this guy.

bon jovi

The kicker is, the concert is FREE and we already got tickets. But they “sold” or “gave away” 60k tickets and then decided to only let in 50k people. What does that mean? That i am going to get up early, head to central park at about 9am and wait 13 hours. WHY DO I DO THIS? Because I love my wife, and she is freaking GA GA about Bon Jovi.

Next weekend is Cavalera Conspiracy for me though 😉

Hopefully heading to STOUT, or the TAVERN early tonight , then heading to biddy’s with my trusted darts. See you suckers tonight!

My new mouse

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

logitech MX revolution

So the moving for Phase 1 is done, and i treated myself to this mouse. I love this freaking thing. Feels good in the hand, great control, looks geeky.


Wednesday again…..

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Well the Biddy’s Tuesday team lost. So that sucks. it’s officially the off season and i haven’t thrown a dart in almost 2 weeks. Need to get back on the horse, maybe tonight after kids are asleep.

Happy Tuesday

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Well it’s been a sobering Week so far. Still getting over being sick. No Darts. The team we lost to last week lost also, so they are out. It’s weird being here on a Tuesday and being totally sober. I found this GIF, and it makes me want to punch the person who made it in the face. Enjoy your tuesday!

Punch in the face

It’s the Playoffs for Darts! (too bad we aren’t in it)

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Dart fail

The Playoffs start this week, but since we finished in 5th, we aren’t in. And we were about 15 games out of it. So it wasn’t that close. Next season will be interesting. Tuesday is taking the monday night format, so some people will want to switch days. The team has been struggling and ego’s are getting in the way, talk about changing divisions, etc. Should be a lot of fun.

I was sick as fuck all weekend. 4th of July I spent alone barely able to watch TV. The wife and kids went to grandmas and enjoyed themselves. I did feel better enough to take the kids yesterday and give my wife a much needed break. Today back at work, still not feeling that great. And NO DARTS TONIGHT!

Question is when does the Practice routine start up again? I am thinking mid-week.

Good Luck to the Dirty Trees, Biddy’s B team. Kick ass! Good luck Dartbags! who I have mentioned before but are a great bunch of guys, and good luck to the Tempest C team! Shoot well tonight folks, make EVERY DART COUNT!