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Weekend of sickness

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Well the whole family is sick.  Alayna and baby Eric are the worst.  So I took off Monday.  Basically Alayna was sleeping all weekend, baby Eric was coughing , and mom and Dad were dealing with it.  Here is a shot of Alayna taking a sleep on the couch with the cat

Alayna Sleeping

Alayna Sleeping

We had to go to the Doctors office, and baby Eric got his first Bong Hit!

Eric Bong hit

Eric Bong hit

I am kidding of course, this was used to loosen up his lungs.  It worked well.  Monday was a good day, everyone felt a little bit better!

The Dart team lost again last night.  Which sucks, wish I could have been there to help, but family must come first!

Tuesday has been crazy at work as usual, probably working later!

Saturday rain rain go away.

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Started raining last night, and hasn’t stopped all day.  Lucklily there was a small break so the family could go out for a nice breakfast at the local diner.  Baby Egg Egg fell asleep which was an added bonus.  Daddy had eggs, Alayna had silver dollar pancakes, and mommy had French toast.

Then we went home to start hanging up things in the house, it’s starting really to feel like “home”.  Boy is asleep again (around 1pm now).  We will probably jump in the car and go either to IKEA or someplace similar in a bit.  Just to all get out of the house and see something different.

Got to Login to Warhammer this morning and do a few quests with the Bright Wizard. A lot of fun.


Friday, September 26th, 2008

Well it’s Friday, this week was a killer.  Darts on Wednesday was a blur.  Got rip roaring drunk.  Crashed at Tommy guns place. I know we lost 13-11.  But we should have shot better. I won 2 out of 3 Singles 501, which is good!  Then the jaegar bombs started, and the memory stops.

Woke up went to work and puked.  Left work early came home, ate dinner and felt better.  Put Alayna to bed around 9pm and went right to sleep.  I feel better today.

It was raining heavily this morning.  First time I needed to walk to the station in bad weather (not a bad streak).  I got soaked.  My shoes and socks are still soaked.  I hope it lets up.  Supposed to be crap all Weekend though.  Oh well.  Alayna is having pains in her arm? I hope it’s nothing, but Diana is calling the doctor today.  The boy is still sick also.  Hope this weekend everyone recovers.

Tonight going to maybe go out to dinner? But we will see.  Got to finish putting up furniture and crap this weekend also.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Darts AGAIN. Rough Tuesday.

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Darts on Monday night was…. rough.  We shot at Molly Pitchers, close to Biddys (nice).  This team we played were a bunch of guys who we knew USED to be in the B division, but now are in A2.  I shot against their captain Richie a few times.  But we all went in with a positive attitude.

Scotty mixed up the lineup which I thought was good, but he excluded himself until Double Double which was puzzling to me.  Anyway here is my short recap, and here is a shot of tommy gun shooting.

Tommy at the Line

Tommy at the Line

Singles 501 – We were all eager to get going.  Ed started us off, and from the first dart thrown you know our opponents were not joking around.  I think the first game was a 24 darter.  Ed hung in there but was overmatched against his opponent. Ed’s shooting was really solid, and going down 3 games doesn’t reflect on his talent.  Going first is tough, and ed shot lights out.

Tommy went next with a similar caliber opponent.  Tommy got angry after losing game 1 and pulled a great out in game #2, but went down in #3.  Tommy guns darts are back, he will be a force on the team this season.

I went third, which is a different setup for me.  I won the first game with a nice Double Double out.  2nd game he stole it because I could not get out, third game I took from him with a lucky double 1

Christian went last, and again was a bit outmatched.  He had a little of the first night jitters (which we all had despite the endless beer).  Christians shooting is great, but I think he only one one game.  I was busy cheering him and drinking.

Cricket – Eric and christian.  We usually have very good chemistry when shooting.  We won the first game by pounding some points and running the board on them.  2 and 3rd game were losses due to them hammering points, and not letting us back in.

Tom and Ed – They are a solid ass team.  But lost all 3.  Wish i had more details but I was drunk at this point.

Double Double – Eric and Scotty – scotty and eric looked good, but we lost all 3.  Couldn’t get on the 2nd game which hurt.

Tom and Christian – They won one of their games against 2 very difficult opponents.  Tommy and Chrisitan are a good team.  Tom can rile christian up and tom fuels off his anger, which meant fun games to watch but just one victory.

All in all a great night.  Even though we lost 18-6 we came away knowing that we need to work to make it.  Good bunch of guys and no problems at all during the night.  Tonight we face off at Biddy’s.  See you there.  I will have a more detailed report next time, I was too preoccupied to pay good attention.  It wont happen again.

Shoot well

It Begins!

Monday, September 22nd, 2008
Broken Bull

Broken Bull

Tonight the season begins for the Big Triple Hunters.  Well It began last week, but our match got postponed.  So we play tonight at Molly Pitchers.  Then we play Wednesday, then again Next Monday.

No better way to get back into darts then by having 2 matches in 3 days.  I haven’t been out drinking in a bit, so I hope I stay sober enough to shoot well all night, but no promises!  The new commute home will be interesting also, especially drunk as a skunk.  Monday Night Football is another bonus for tonight.

RvR first time

RvR first time

Here is the latest screenshot from warhammer, me fighting in RvR.  I got crushed…..

This weekend was very relaxing.  I built a lot of furniture, but Diana went out Saturday night, Sunday we Bar B Queued.  Built furniture, cleaned up.  It’s looking a lot better in Garden City these days!

Happy Monday

Kids sick, going out to dinner, Warhammer

Friday, September 19th, 2008

The boy is sick.  Momma brought him into the bed so he could sleep, and it worked, but this morning when I left he sounded like he smoked 3 packs a day.  And we only let him smoke 2!!!! (kidding).

Last night when i got home The family picked me up at the station and we went to Best Buy, to buy me a new 19″ Dell Monitor, it looks sweet. I will take a picture this weekend once I work out the computer room finally.

Then we went to Ruby Tuesdays for Dinner, we haven’t been out in awhile so it was a real treat!  had a great time.  Sounds pathetic, but when there is no crying, everyone eats, and Di and I can relax, it’s the most amazing feeling ever.

After that we tried to get the kids to sleep in the car after a quick Borders run.  Failed.  So Diana put the boy down and I played with Alayna and set up my new monitor.  When Alayna went to sleep with Di, I loaded up Warhammer, made a dwarf Iron Breaker.  Best class!  So far the funnest quests!

Tonight I hope to play some more.  We will see. Tomorrow Diana is hopefully going out.

Happy Friday

Daddy and Alayna a few weeks back

Daddy and Alayna a few weeks back

Warhammer first screenshot

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Been playing this game a bit.  But not that much.  It is so much fun.  Here is a screenshot of my Elf Swordmaster at level 2, fighting a cool looking bad guy.

Elf Swordmaster

Elf Swordmaster

Thursday and adjusting to suburbs (again)

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Things are calming down at home, except that baby Eric isn’t sleeping and the whole family has a bad cough.  SUCKS.

baby eric and I went to the supermarket, and this face is priceless.

Anyway commuting is getting “easier”.  I leave around 6am, and though that sucks.  I get some nice shots of the sunrise, here is one to share!

I get to work early and then I leave around 5, to get home before the sun sets.  It’s tiring , but I will get used to it.

Starting to play Warhammer online, and it is a blast!

Work is totally insane these days, but the good news is darts started.  We postponed our first match, so the “action” begins Monday the 22nd.  Stop by and say hi!

Glad tomorrow is friday.

Monday Ramblings, Lehman bu bye.

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Had a great weekend.  Andreas and Steph came to our place and we bar b qued.  Drank beer, etc.  It was a great excuse to sit down and relax, instead of run around and straighten up.  The house is coming out great, and everyone is really settling in.

Monday morning I drove the car to Astoria to get it fixed.  It was actually quite pleasant to drive, only took 20 minutes, and was relaxing.

When I came into work I see that Lehman Bros is filing for bankrupcy.  Sucks, hope tommy gun is alright.

Our Dart team was put back into A2, which pisses me off, plus the team we should be playing tonight has postponed, so we are probably going to shoot this weekend. meh.

Giants played very well yesterday beating the rams, I watched some of the JET game, but not much.  Patriots won.

Happy Monday, busy as hell today.

7 years later 9/11 still in our minds

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

It was 7 years ago today that everything changed for Americans and New Yorkers.  I don’t need to go into details about what happened and what came of 9/11 but those 3000 people went to work that day just like we all go to work.  They kissed their loved ones and commuted to work, just like we all do.  And in an instant, everything was gone.

9/11 was the first time that I was really scared for my life.  I think about that day a lot.  I suffered from Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome and couldn’t sleep for weeks.  It was a terrible day that I will never forget.

years later, 7 years later in fact.  There are still no new buildings, downtown is still a ghost town.

My life has changed so much since that day.  I have a beautiful wife, beautiful children, and people around me who love me.  And every day SINCE 9/11 I make sure to take a breath, and remember how lucky I am.  Because those 3000 people just did what everyone else does, and they never came home that day.  Their families lost them forever…

Never take for granted your life, no matter how crappy it may be going.  Next time you are bitching about oil prices, the housing collapse, how expensive food it, etc.  Just remember that you can still breathe, you can still live, and you can still tell your loved ones that you love them.

Never forget.  I sure won’t