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Wednesday, September 10th, 2008


It’s been a breeze walking to the train station.  It is actually very quiet.  Very peaceful, etc.  The commute to work is much longer than I thought, but I will get used to it.  The house is coming along very well now.

This morning I maybe lasted two minutes on the train before I was dead asleep.  But I get to work very early now, and then can leave on time.

Verdict is still out on Long Island life.  This weekend my brother and his wife come to town, and hopefully we can establish some sort of routine.

The Sun will eventually expand and eat the earf!

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Sun Eating the Earth

Sun Eating the Earth

This weekend was a lot of work.  Painted My good friends Owens house.  It sucked.  We got to drink a lot of beer afterward, but I was too tired to party correctly.  So this morning I come to work with a mountain of shit to do, and I came across an article saying we will be engulfed by our sun in about 1 million years.  I guess things could be worse!

Enjoy your Monday

Dartboard is UP! (almost) and TV watching in HD

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Hung the Dartboard Last night, but I couldn’t find the “sweet” spot for the lights.  Will post some pictures once the setup is final.  XMEN was on in HD last night on TV, so i did little else but watch TV, find the lost cat, and clean up the house.  The commute was LOOONNNG, but I am finding ways to trim it down.

Happy Thursday! I am off tomorrow and will be spending some good times with pudding #1

Moved! Back to Work! FIOS!

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

Well this weekend we moved.  It sucked.  Well it went alright, but it was very tiring.  The family is getting settled, and living there so far is great.  My WONDERFUL wife bought a Bar-b-que for me!  So we grilled all weekend.  My commute got longer, but it’s honestly not so bad.

FIOS came and installed yesterday.  Holy CRAP is the intertubes fast!  And the TV selections are just awesome!

Tonight I hang the dartboard, watch FIOS, Water the lawn, take the garbage out!  YAY