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Thursday, new commute and working on Halloween!

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Today I rode my bicycle to the train station.  It shaved off 20 minutes, seriously.  I am so excited about it! 40 minutes a day gone off my commute!!!! WOOHOOO.

Tomorrow is Halloween, but I won’t be participating because I need to work. SUCKS bad actually, but I hope the wife, Alayna and the boy have fun. We are having a small get together for the kids actually. So I get leftovers….

Here is a good one of alayna and mommy.

mommy and Alayna

mommy and Alayna

We started a good cleaning of the house, and I cleaned up the computer room a bit.  Place looks good.

Don’t work too hard today suckers!

Monday Night darts, Tuesday morning HELL

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Well Last night we shot darts at home.  It was nice to be back at Biddy’s.  Thanks to Corey for being such a great bartendar.  Darts was rough. And I mean really rough.  We got killed 19-5.  Julio and company are a really stacked team.  But we had a lot of chances and didn’t pull through.

On a personal note I don’t know what to do with darts.  I really enjoy shooting, BUT I feel the team is a bit stagnant, and there is no general direction.  I only get out once a week.  And sometimes it gets very frustrating, and that just isn’t worth it!  I want to go out and have fun! and compete.  And lately the fun is fading.

I had a good time last night. But some days I rather wait until Friday night and shoot pickup darts.

Dart dilemma

Dart dilemma

I got home around 1245 in the morning.  And crashed on the couch.  baby Egg is still not sleeping well.  So night time is rough.

I woke up to POURING Rain.  and it was COLD.  I have to walk to the train station, so I knew I would be screwed.

I put on my raincoat, got my umbrella, and walked FAST to the train.  5 minutes later i am SOAKED.  COLD, and in pain!  This was probably the worst commute to date.  When I got on the train, my head was pounding, my knee got twisted up, and I was soaked.

I managed to fall asleep until some fat ass sat next to me.

Got to work and now everything is cooling down.  Going to be a rough weekend , we have to shut the power down in our building at work, so I get to miss Halloween.

Happy Freaking Tuesday!

Great fun this weekend!

Monday, October 27th, 2008

We went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden to a Halloween thingy.  Was a blast, here is diana with egg.

Baby and Momma

Baby and Momma

The kids had a blast especially Owen and alayna!

owie and alayna

owie and alayna

Owen was dressed as superman ,and alayna as a fairy, princess, ballerina!

Tonight Darts again!  Game on!

It’s Monday again?

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Had a fun weekend.  Saturday went apple picking with the Bolands and the family  Here is a picture of the kids getting some pumpkins

owen and alayna

owen and alayna

Sunday we went to see the Sisson’s and do some pumpkin carving!  I don’t have pictures of the carved pumpkins, but they came out great!

Tonight is back to darts for Eric!!!!! going to George Keeley’s and playing the always fun Dartbags! If you are near Amsterdamn and 83rd come check us out!


Let’s not repeat Last Friday please

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Last Friday I came home from work.  Decided to cut myself with a razor knife, and spent the night in the emergency room…..

Nice work!

Nice work!

I didn’t INTENTIONALLY cuy myself,,,,,, but I was tired, and shouldn’t have been using a razor knife.

I am planning to take the stitches out myself tonight!!! YAY

have a nice weekend

Almost 2 weeks of sickness! Fun times

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

It has been very busy and very sleep deprived at the Materns household.  A chest infection, fever sickness hit us hard.  Knocking the whole family out for almost 2 weeks.  we are alive now and looks like it’s mostly on the way out.  PHEW.

I missed two weeks of darts with my busy work schedule and sickness.  So I am looking forward to getting back to the oche on Monday night.

We went pumpkin picking this long weekend, and I got a good shot of Alayna.  Here it is

Alayna Pumpkin

Alayna Pumpkin

This week has been tough.  Still baby Egg is not sleeping, so life is hard.  Plus I have a secondary Sarbines Oxley audit tomorrow (friday).

BUT Saturday we are going apple picking with the Bolands, and Sunday we are going to Sissons house for Pumpkin decorating.  So should be good.

Very happy to be posting again, miss me?

Friday, Alayna is better too!

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Alayna slept very well last night and is feeling better this morning! Very good, it was getting scary there for a while.

Baby Egg is not sleeping too well, which is not very good.  You can never have a good balance!

Left for work real early today, was in by 715am.  AC units went boom, but they are ok now.

This weekend is more work on the house and making sure both kids feel good, and hopefully giving the wife a needed rest.

Have a nice weekend

Thursday morning.

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Got to Work Early this morning.  Alayna is feeling better.  But not 100% not even 50%.  But better is good!  Baby Egg choked twice this morning which gave diana  a very bad morning.  He is ok now.  Anyway work is a killer but here is a nice picture of Alayna.

Alayna and chow

Alayna and chow

Wednesday Feeling better!

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

The kids are feeling better.  Baby Egg Egg is almost all clear!

Eric is Happy!

Eric is Happy!

Alayna was all smiles when I came home.  But during the night was a bit restless.  I hope she gets better.  Off to the Doctor with her again today.

My week seems off since I did not shoot darts on Monday night.  I don’t FEEL like it’s Wednesday.  Oh well.  Work hard suckers