Darts AGAIN. Rough Tuesday.

Darts on Monday night was…. rough.  We shot at Molly Pitchers, close to Biddys (nice).  This team we played were a bunch of guys who we knew USED to be in the B division, but now are in A2.  I shot against their captain Richie a few times.  But we all went in with a positive attitude.

Scotty mixed up the lineup which I thought was good, but he excluded himself until Double Double which was puzzling to me.  Anyway here is my short recap, and here is a shot of tommy gun shooting.

Tommy at the Line

Tommy at the Line

Singles 501 – We were all eager to get going.  Ed started us off, and from the first dart thrown you know our opponents were not joking around.  I think the first game was a 24 darter.  Ed hung in there but was overmatched against his opponent. Ed’s shooting was really solid, and going down 3 games doesn’t reflect on his talent.  Going first is tough, and ed shot lights out.

Tommy went next with a similar caliber opponent.  Tommy got angry after losing game 1 and pulled a great out in game #2, but went down in #3.  Tommy guns darts are back, he will be a force on the team this season.

I went third, which is a different setup for me.  I won the first game with a nice Double Double out.  2nd game he stole it because I could not get out, third game I took from him with a lucky double 1

Christian went last, and again was a bit outmatched.  He had a little of the first night jitters (which we all had despite the endless beer).  Christians shooting is great, but I think he only one one game.  I was busy cheering him and drinking.

Cricket – Eric and christian.  We usually have very good chemistry when shooting.  We won the first game by pounding some points and running the board on them.  2 and 3rd game were losses due to them hammering points, and not letting us back in.

Tom and Ed – They are a solid ass team.  But lost all 3.  Wish i had more details but I was drunk at this point.

Double Double – Eric and Scotty – scotty and eric looked good, but we lost all 3.  Couldn’t get on the 2nd game which hurt.

Tom and Christian – They won one of their games against 2 very difficult opponents.  Tommy and Chrisitan are a good team.  Tom can rile christian up and tom fuels off his anger, which meant fun games to watch but just one victory.

All in all a great night.  Even though we lost 18-6 we came away knowing that we need to work to make it.  Good bunch of guys and no problems at all during the night.  Tonight we face off at Biddy’s.  See you there.  I will have a more detailed report next time, I was too preoccupied to pay good attention.  It wont happen again.

Shoot well

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