Well it’s Friday, this week was a killer.  Darts on Wednesday was a blur.  Got rip roaring drunk.  Crashed at Tommy guns place. I know we lost 13-11.  But we should have shot better. I won 2 out of 3 Singles 501, which is good!  Then the jaegar bombs started, and the memory stops.

Woke up went to work and puked.  Left work early came home, ate dinner and felt better.  Put Alayna to bed around 9pm and went right to sleep.  I feel better today.

It was raining heavily this morning.  First time I needed to walk to the station in bad weather (not a bad streak).  I got soaked.  My shoes and socks are still soaked.  I hope it lets up.  Supposed to be crap all Weekend though.  Oh well.  Alayna is having pains in her arm? I hope it’s nothing, but Diana is calling the doctor today.  The boy is still sick also.  Hope this weekend everyone recovers.

Tonight going to maybe go out to dinner? But we will see.  Got to finish putting up furniture and crap this weekend also.

Happy Friday Everyone!


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