Monday, playoffs, and Practice

Monday late morning, getting ready for the 5 o’clock bell to ring so I can yabba dabba doo it to biddy’s. We are in Playoff contention, so we all need to be firing tonight.

With Playoffs in our minds I tried to up the practice. It’s getting harder to get quality practice time with 2 kids. But i get some darts in whenever I can. Even if it’s after the whole family is sleeping. Practice is a funny thing, concentrate on the wrong things and practice can HURT your game. But not having a plan and just chucking darts at the board is no good either (at least i think so). They key is to IMPROVE your game.

Here is my Sunday (or day before a match, tournament, etc) routine.

I know I usually get to the Bar early on Monday’s so I just want to keep my arm loose. So here is the practice plan for Sunday

1) One dart at every number, keeping track of how many darts it takes to go from 1-20 then bullseye.

2) 100 darts at 20

3) “Master” cricket practice.

4) 60 out. You walk to the line with 60 left. If you miss the 60 out with 3 darts, your next turn is 59 out. Easy enough. If you HIT the out. you add ten points. So if you start with 60, and get out. Next time its 70 out. Get it ? It’s good out practice.

Thats sunday night practice. Here is my Monday pre-game ritual (and tuesday when i was allowed to shoot Tuesdays !damn kids!)

1) One dart at every number 1-20 and the bull. Keep mental note of how you are doing.

2) 301 Double Double practice

3) 170 OUT practice, keeping track of how many darts.

Now this usually gets interrupted by people showing up, bartendars wanting to play, etc, which of course is no problem. But some days I can get about 1 hour of decent warm up time before other people show up.

Once more than 3 or 4 people are warming up i usually stop, since waiting for 5 people to throw before you just to throw 3 darts doesn’t help me, it usually hurts. So this is when i drink my stella and “mentally” prepare.

Shoot well tonight!

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