Almost 2 weeks of sickness! Fun times

It has been very busy and very sleep deprived at the Materns household.  A chest infection, fever sickness hit us hard.  Knocking the whole family out for almost 2 weeks.  we are alive now and looks like it’s mostly on the way out.  PHEW.

I missed two weeks of darts with my busy work schedule and sickness.  So I am looking forward to getting back to the oche on Monday night.

We went pumpkin picking this long weekend, and I got a good shot of Alayna.  Here it is

Alayna Pumpkin

Alayna Pumpkin

This week has been tough.  Still baby Egg is not sleeping, so life is hard.  Plus I have a secondary Sarbines Oxley audit tomorrow (friday).

BUT Saturday we are going apple picking with the Bolands, and Sunday we are going to Sissons house for Pumpkin decorating.  So should be good.

Very happy to be posting again, miss me?

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