Monday Night darts, Tuesday morning HELL

Well Last night we shot darts at home.  It was nice to be back at Biddy’s.  Thanks to Corey for being such a great bartendar.  Darts was rough. And I mean really rough.  We got killed 19-5.  Julio and company are a really stacked team.  But we had a lot of chances and didn’t pull through.

On a personal note I don’t know what to do with darts.  I really enjoy shooting, BUT I feel the team is a bit stagnant, and there is no general direction.  I only get out once a week.  And sometimes it gets very frustrating, and that just isn’t worth it!  I want to go out and have fun! and compete.  And lately the fun is fading.

I had a good time last night. But some days I rather wait until Friday night and shoot pickup darts.

Dart dilemma

Dart dilemma

I got home around 1245 in the morning.  And crashed on the couch.  baby Egg is still not sleeping well.  So night time is rough.

I woke up to POURING Rain.  and it was COLD.  I have to walk to the train station, so I knew I would be screwed.

I put on my raincoat, got my umbrella, and walked FAST to the train.  5 minutes later i am SOAKED.  COLD, and in pain!  This was probably the worst commute to date.  When I got on the train, my head was pounding, my knee got twisted up, and I was soaked.

I managed to fall asleep until some fat ass sat next to me.

Got to work and now everything is cooling down.  Going to be a rough weekend , we have to shut the power down in our building at work, so I get to miss Halloween.

Happy Freaking Tuesday!

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