Monday again!

another freezing monday.  The walk to the train was tough.  There was also a derailed train near jamaica so the commute was much longer.  But I finally got to work and it’s busy.  A short week this week.  Only 3 days, plus tomorrow I need to get  my tooth fixed. JOY.

Also I decided not to shoot darts on the team anymore.  Like I said in the past.  The Monday night games have become less and less fun.  And not only do I not enjoy going, I am enjoying darts less, which sucks. So I decided to end my season short, and ramp up for next season.  Taking this week off and starting practicing in December.  Next season will have a nice new outlook!

Went out with Tommy gun Friday night to biddy’s which was fun.  Drinking chatting with JJ, good times. PLUS my wife PICKED ME UP.  It was great!

Have a good Monday.

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