Tuesday Morning, and several Hot Totty’s later

Last night was darts against my favorite opponents, the Dart Bags. I had no voice, but my favorite bartendar corey hooked me up with a great drink called the Hot Totty.

For those of you who don’t know what a Hot Totty is it’s

Tea (hot)

Add a shot of jamison

Put a lemon slice with some cloves, a bit of sugar, stir


Actually made me feel much better. Plus I drank guinness which for some reason I drink when i don’t feel good, because I saw a poster that says guinness is good for you 🙂

Anyway.  The games were fun, but I left early so I can rest a bit today, we have another game wednesday night.  I really enjoyed shooting last night, and enjoyed not getting that wasted, even though my darts suffered from being nervouse.  Something I will have to correct.



Today I have 3 meetings.  Which is good and bad.  After last night I know my decision about darts was totally correct.  I did have fun, but this team needs something to gain it’s spark. Anyway enough of me bitching.  GET TO WORK!

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