I finally figured out my basement area.  And made it more “homey”.  Last night I was down there with the kids and practiced a bit.  Damn it felt good.  Been doing some  talking with people about a new team, and I am getting psyched again.  And it came through in my practice!

I hit a 180 (three triple 20’s) Then next round i hit a 171 ( three triple 19’s).  Probably my best 6 darts in a row EVER!  Funnily enough I also hit 5 bullseyes twice (but not in a row)

I took a break from practicing because of my loss of Monday night fun.  But all this talk about next season got me psyched again!  And this was probably the best I shot in practice ever.

Anyway happy Monday, I tried out a different practice routine, that I will be rotating in during my practices.  Shoot Well!


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