Another Tuesday, and random updates

Happy Tuesday, it sure is weird not to have darts on Monday and come to work NOT hungover.  But my body is still healing from chicken pox.  My commute has really been sucking.  Trains are randomly delayed, subways just stopping, and all that other crap.  Makes me cranky.

I got a “job” writing for IGN!  I will be having a monthly column where I write for WARHAMMER ONLINE.  I am pretty excited about it!

Kids are good, they are sick right now but getting better.  Wife is doing very well.  We both love and hate the celebrity apprentice.  I think Bret michaels should win.

The Dart team lives on without me.  They kicked ass the first week winning 19-5, and tied last night 12-12.  So it seems they are doing well !

Happy Tuesday.

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