Easy like Sunday Morning!

9am here in New York City.  Hot as hell.  Baby Eric just took a dump, now he is chilling on the couch, so I thought I would post my awesome thoughts.

I saw Cavalera Conspiracy last night.  Great show.  I thought the set was short, but what can you do?  Max sounded great, Igor awesome, everyone awesome.  I stood right near the pit, and got tossed around a bit, but nothing serious.  I leave the moshing to Owen.

We went to the old PIT STOP. Which was fun, tom and I threw some darts which was also a lot of fun.  Not too many buy backs, but what can you do?  It isn’t Pit Stop anymore.  I had to put my darts in my shoe since they had metal detectors, which was uncomfortable, but I still have my darts!

After the show we went Back to PIT STOP, but i was wicked tired, and KNEW I was getting up early, so at 1230 or so I went home.

All in all a great fun time.

This morning I was surfing and found this pic of Terminater 4, only reason I am vaguely interested is that Christian Bale is in it.  Here  is the pic, see you tomorrow

T4 Bale

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  1. Esme Fisher says:

    Surfing is really the best sport out there, i love the adrenaline rush when surfing on big waves.**.

  2. i broke my arm on a freak surfing accident but hey, surfing is a nice sport~-~

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