The Killing Joke (re-re-visited)

This was one of my favorite comic books when i wore a younger mans clothes. I remember it telling the story so well of just how brutal and ruthless the joker really is. Anyway they are re-marketing this and I thought I would give my 2 cents on it.

The Killing Joke

In other news had a really fun weekend. Friday night I went out with the company for a few beers and laughs, then ended up at Biddy’s for Beers and Darts. I got teamed up with Ralph, so we had a very good run. I think we maybe lost 3 games all night. Nice shooting by all, and a great time.

Saturday had fun with the kiddies while the wife went off to work. Then went to Owen and Jeans to drink some Whiskey Sours (delicious). And watch alayna and baby O play hide n seek!

Sunday we looked at another house. Short version is GREAT house, bad neighborhood…. Lot’s of fun going on.

Today is Monday and I can’t wait until I get paid!

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  1. Steve says:

    Great Post.. Download some jokes from my site

  2. stand up comedy…

    Perfect parody of every Dirty South clown rapper hollering“ I’ m the Boss!”. Leave it up to some white jewish guys to really expose how rediculous being“ Tha Boss” can be. What happend to semi- intelligent music? Props to the SNL team for thi…

  3. 🙂 Lovely Any time daily life serves up a hundred good reasons to cry, indicate to life you have the perfect thousand top reasons to smile.

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