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Kids sick, going out to dinner, Warhammer

Friday, September 19th, 2008

The boy is sick.  Momma brought him into the bed so he could sleep, and it worked, but this morning when I left he sounded like he smoked 3 packs a day.  And we only let him smoke 2!!!! (kidding).

Last night when i got home The family picked me up at the station and we went to Best Buy, to buy me a new 19″ Dell Monitor, it looks sweet. I will take a picture this weekend once I work out the computer room finally.

Then we went to Ruby Tuesdays for Dinner, we haven’t been out in awhile so it was a real treat!  had a great time.  Sounds pathetic, but when there is no crying, everyone eats, and Di and I can relax, it’s the most amazing feeling ever.

After that we tried to get the kids to sleep in the car after a quick Borders run.  Failed.  So Diana put the boy down and I played with Alayna and set up my new monitor.  When Alayna went to sleep with Di, I loaded up Warhammer, made a dwarf Iron Breaker.  Best class!  So far the funnest quests!

Tonight I hope to play some more.  We will see. Tomorrow Diana is hopefully going out.

Happy Friday

Daddy and Alayna a few weeks back

Daddy and Alayna a few weeks back