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Friday night , and I am going out!

Friday, March 26th, 2010

I haven’t been out since the chicken pox , which is almost a full month, probably longer.  I feel much better so I am going to take it slow , head to Biddy’s have maybe two or three beers, and shoot darts!


We WON! Semi-Finals here we come!

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009


We had a great night.  won 10-5.  Our opponents were called “tough darts” and they were a great bunch of guys.  So Wednesday night we are at Biddy’s again.


Week 6 Results are in

Friday, April 24th, 2009


Week 6 Results are in.  We won, but I don’t think it was our Best performance.  Killian had an amazing 91 out in singles.  He hit the triple 17 and once he did that i “knew” he would hit it.  And boom he got it.

Another noteworthy performance was Killian and I in Cricket.  We won game 1, then in game 2 we were really far behind.  But came back by smacking the bullseyes.  The win was the best come from behind “steal” I ever had in league.

Other than that it was a lackluster night.  We were missing Jack who was in Vegas, so JJ stepped up.  Always fun to shoot at Biddy’s but I think our home matches are done for awhile.  Monday coming up we are on 86th street.

Game on

Week 3 Standings!

Friday, April 3rd, 2009


Not doing so bad!  We are shooting at home on Monday !  Great darts guys!

We won! Solid.

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

We beat the 2nd place team last night.  11-7.  Was a great game , and everyone had a lot of fun.  Ben was bartending instead of corey.  The drinks were flowing, and the darts were great!

I will give a more detailed breakdown tomorrow.  But thanks to JJ for being there too. Killian was too jet-lagged 🙂

And the Gaf East were great opponents, see you guys later on in the season.

week 2 -another win, another fun night

Thursday, March 26th, 2009


We shot against a very solid team over on 70th street between 1st ave and York.  Killian was sick and was almost a no-show, but he pulled on through just before we started.

Christian was up first in singles 501 and won both games, but in a very lackluster way.  Winning on double 1 in the first game and double 12 in the second.  But 2 wins are 2 wins.  Good job Christian.

Sickly killian came out firing during his first game taking the win on double 1, but lost the second game.  Both good games, and thanks to killian for coming out!

I shot third and my first game guess what I got out on?  Yes DOUBLE 1.  This team loves that out.  my 2nd game I got out with 50 left and it was a 24 darter (not bad).

Jack looked strong but was outmatched by their best player and lost both games 21 darter and 24 darter.  Keep your head up!

We went into cricket up 5-3.

UNFORTUNATELY I don’t have the stats for the rest of the games as I chose to drink my face off instead of take stats.  But the night ended up at 11-7 so we are very happy to pull another victory out of our hats.

Next Week we are home against Gaf East, should be a good game against a tough team.  For the REAL stats, wait until tomorrow so I can check the website!

Practice you fools!

Tuesday already?? And countdown to moving

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Work is crazy busy. So yesterdays post was forgotten. So here is a recap. Monday night I went to Biddy’s and shot darts with the boys. I shot great! Until I got drunk, then I shot not so good…. Anyway it was fun times.

Boddy's Board

During the weekend we kept on packing and went to Di’s Parents house. I had a great time there.


We also went to a small street fair in Astoria where the ladies shopped, and Alayna got a new unicorn!

shopping ladies

Alaynas Unicorn

Very fun weekend. I am looking forward to moving. Anyway Back to Work

Game ON tonight, and Bon Jovi

Friday, July 11th, 2008

Two weird things eh? Let me explain. Wife and children are out on Long Island today and tonight. Taking Alayna to see Cinderall! Should be fun. Well instead of me going out to Long Island tonight just to come back tomorrow morning, I am going out with the boys tonight, shooting darts, drinking beers, etc. Then getting up early and heading to central Park to see this guy.

bon jovi

The kicker is, the concert is FREE and we already got tickets. But they “sold” or “gave away” 60k tickets and then decided to only let in 50k people. What does that mean? That i am going to get up early, head to central park at about 9am and wait 13 hours. WHY DO I DO THIS? Because I love my wife, and she is freaking GA GA about Bon Jovi.

Next weekend is Cavalera Conspiracy for me though 😉

Hopefully heading to STOUT, or the TAVERN early tonight , then heading to biddy’s with my trusted darts. See you suckers tonight!