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Week 3 standings!

Friday, April 1st, 2011

we are doing quite well. I actually was sober when shooting , and shot amazing!


Week 2 standings

Friday, March 25th, 2011

One thing on my mind tonight.

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Tonight I am not looking for a job, I am not not pissed about the economy, I am nothing but a guy shooting darts!

Come down to Biddy’s and Cheer us on! (91st and 2nd)

Last week of the regular season, Fathers day, etc.

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

This weekend went by way too fast.  Fathers day was great.  Got to sleep late, eat a lot, and enjoy my family.  Today I got some bad news at work, but let’s hope it’s just rumors.

Today is the final regular season game of darts.  We are home at Biddy’s.  Come on down and cheer us on.



Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Our Dart Match was postpones because the other team didn’t have enough players…. It sucked.  But at least I got to have a few of these.

Guinness at Biddy's

Quickie Practice Routine

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Last night the boy went to bed and the girl wanted to play downstairs in the basement, so I grabbed my darts and altered my practice.  Because I knew it had to be a quick practice.  Alayna can only take so much of me practicing my darts 🙂  Luckily she was into playing with her princess castle and eating puffs. I ended up getting a good practice.

Started with 60 practice.  See how many times in a row you can hit 60 (or more) with 3 darts.  I did ok.  Nothing special, but it warms you up.

Then I did masters cricket.  3 darts at every number, if you miss you need to make it up on the bull.  I actualy won the 2nd game.  lost game 1 and 3.  My bulls were my weak point.

Then I did my OUT”S practice.  You start with 60 points, and need to get out in 3 darts.  If you miss or bust, you try and get 59 out with 3 darts.  And so on and so on. If you HIT the out.  You add 10 points to your score and keep going.  This game can get frustrating, but it’s good out practice.

I missed 60, so I went to 59, 58 , 57, then i hit it on 56.  16 miss double 20.  So my next turn was 66.  Actually hit that too single 16, single 18, double 16.  I was feeling good.

If you get frustrated you can always move on, but I enjoy 60 out practice.

Then Alayna was ready to go to sleep, so darts practice was over 🙂  But It was fun.  Looking forward to Monday, since we had a bye I am itching for some competition.

Darts, what kind do I use?

Monday, March 30th, 2009
Eric's Darts

Eric's Darts

Believe it or not other people read this blog!  I recently got asked what kind of darts I use.  Well there they are!  They are the Phil Taylor Unicorn 24g Purist Gold darts.  And medium Nylon shafts.

Top top them off I use Andy Capp dimplex flights.  Why Andy Capp?  Because I like em damn it!

I was recently thinking of switching to a shorter dart, but for now I am staying with the unicorns.

Tonight we shoot at Biddy’s, game starts at 730pm.  Come ON DOWN

Week 2 game ON!

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

This week we are shooting at For Pete’s Sake, A bar on 70th between 1st and York, come cheer us on!

The question is do I head to biddy’s first and have a few?  then head to the bar?

I am thinking yes.

I did some good practicing and I feel good!

Monday night darts was fun!

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

It took some time to get this post up.  My family and I are sick.  And writing the blog isn’t #1 priority.

Anyway, Week 1 QUICK recap.

B division is great.  Round 5’s count, you play less games, and go home earlier.

This week we played “the dirty blondes” who shoot out of Bar East.  Great bunch of shooter, and believe it or not WE STARTED EARLY.

501 singles was very good for us.  Each one of us shot “solid” with the exception of me, I was weak on my consistancy, and couldn’t finish.

We ended up way ahead after 501 dispite my poor performance.

Cricket was also very solid, jack and christian cleaned up

Killian and I were slow but steady, and it was fun shooting with killian again (we used to be on the tuesday A team together)

Double Double was a bit of a blur since the drink started getting to me, but we made it out of biddy’s with a 14-4 win.  Not too bad of a start!

Our team was in great spirits, we got home at a decent hour (except me taking the wrong train), and our opponents were a lot of fun to shoot against.

Let’s keep the fun and winning going next Monday when we visit The Point WHores at “FOr Petes Sake” on 70th street.

Shoot well

Week 1 begins TONIGHT!

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Yes it’s the day before St. Patricks day, but tonight we start the season.  Come to Biddy’s Pub (91st and 2nd ave) if you want to cheer us on!

Kids are still sick at home, but getting better.  I am excited to start this season, and YES I brought my darts unlike Friday night.