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Monday Ramblings, Lehman bu bye.

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Had a great weekend.  Andreas and Steph came to our place and we bar b qued.  Drank beer, etc.  It was a great excuse to sit down and relax, instead of run around and straighten up.  The house is coming out great, and everyone is really settling in.

Monday morning I drove the car to Astoria to get it fixed.  It was actually quite pleasant to drive, only took 20 minutes, and was relaxing.

When I came into work I see that Lehman Bros is filing for bankrupcy.  Sucks, hope tommy gun is alright.

Our Dart team was put back into A2, which pisses me off, plus the team we should be playing tonight has postponed, so we are probably going to shoot this weekend. meh.

Giants played very well yesterday beating the rams, I watched some of the JET game, but not much.  Patriots won.

Happy Monday, busy as hell today.

No Eli and no Tom Brady in Pre-season match

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Both starting QB’s didn’t play, but the Giants did win the Preseason superbowl match, I know BIG DEAL. But I am glad football is starting again.

Happy Friday, Long weekend coming, and we are moving TOMORROW!

Eli Manning

Eli Manning

Shockey is now a Saint

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

The giants dealt the very talented, but also super pain in the ass tight end Jeremy Shockey to the Saints for 2 draft picks. How do I feel about this. I liked shockey because he was a good player, but you could tell he was a jerk. I think it was a good deal for the Giants.