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week 2 -another win, another fun night

Thursday, March 26th, 2009


We shot against a very solid team over on 70th street between 1st ave and York.  Killian was sick and was almost a no-show, but he pulled on through just before we started.

Christian was up first in singles 501 and won both games, but in a very lackluster way.  Winning on double 1 in the first game and double 12 in the second.  But 2 wins are 2 wins.  Good job Christian.

Sickly killian came out firing during his first game taking the win on double 1, but lost the second game.  Both good games, and thanks to killian for coming out!

I shot third and my first game guess what I got out on?  Yes DOUBLE 1.  This team loves that out.  my 2nd game I got out with 50 left and it was a 24 darter (not bad).

Jack looked strong but was outmatched by their best player and lost both games 21 darter and 24 darter.  Keep your head up!

We went into cricket up 5-3.

UNFORTUNATELY I don’t have the stats for the rest of the games as I chose to drink my face off instead of take stats.  But the night ended up at 11-7 so we are very happy to pull another victory out of our hats.

Next Week we are home against Gaf East, should be a good game against a tough team.  For the REAL stats, wait until tomorrow so I can check the website!

Practice you fools!

Week 2 game ON!

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

This week we are shooting at For Pete’s Sake, A bar on 70th between 1st and York, come cheer us on!

The question is do I head to biddy’s first and have a few?  then head to the bar?

I am thinking yes.

I did some good practicing and I feel good!

Monday night darts was fun!

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

It took some time to get this post up.  My family and I are sick.  And writing the blog isn’t #1 priority.

Anyway, Week 1 QUICK recap.

B division is great.  Round 5’s count, you play less games, and go home earlier.

This week we played “the dirty blondes” who shoot out of Bar East.  Great bunch of shooter, and believe it or not WE STARTED EARLY.

501 singles was very good for us.  Each one of us shot “solid” with the exception of me, I was weak on my consistancy, and couldn’t finish.

We ended up way ahead after 501 dispite my poor performance.

Cricket was also very solid, jack and christian cleaned up

Killian and I were slow but steady, and it was fun shooting with killian again (we used to be on the tuesday A team together)

Double Double was a bit of a blur since the drink started getting to me, but we made it out of biddy’s with a 14-4 win.  Not too bad of a start!

Our team was in great spirits, we got home at a decent hour (except me taking the wrong train), and our opponents were a lot of fun to shoot against.

Let’s keep the fun and winning going next Monday when we visit The Point WHores at “FOr Petes Sake” on 70th street.

Shoot well

Week 1 begins TONIGHT!

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Yes it’s the day before St. Patricks day, but tonight we start the season.  Come to Biddy’s Pub (91st and 2nd ave) if you want to cheer us on!

Kids are still sick at home, but getting better.  I am excited to start this season, and YES I brought my darts unlike Friday night.

Monday night darts, gearing up for NEXT season

Monday, January 5th, 2009
Shooting in the basement

Shooting in the basement

Tonight is the last week of this dart season. We have no chance of playoffs, so it’s just for “fun”. I have been practicing for next season already, even though where to play is still up in the air.

Unfortunately and Fortunately this is the last game for the Big Triple Hunters. Scott is taking time off, and I think Ed Lewis has decide not to return, and I am not coming back.

It’s been a great team, just fell apart toward the end. But let’s look forward and not back. Can’t wait to see what happens with the darting career!

See you at Biddy’s around 530pm….. GAME ON

Tuesday Morning, and several Hot Totty’s later

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Last night was darts against my favorite opponents, the Dart Bags. I had no voice, but my favorite bartendar corey hooked me up with a great drink called the Hot Totty.

For those of you who don’t know what a Hot Totty is it’s

Tea (hot)

Add a shot of jamison

Put a lemon slice with some cloves, a bit of sugar, stir


Actually made me feel much better. Plus I drank guinness which for some reason I drink when i don’t feel good, because I saw a poster that says guinness is good for you 🙂

Anyway.  The games were fun, but I left early so I can rest a bit today, we have another game wednesday night.  I really enjoyed shooting last night, and enjoyed not getting that wasted, even though my darts suffered from being nervouse.  Something I will have to correct.



Today I have 3 meetings.  Which is good and bad.  After last night I know my decision about darts was totally correct.  I did have fun, but this team needs something to gain it’s spark. Anyway enough of me bitching.  GET TO WORK!

Monday again!

Monday, November 24th, 2008

another freezing monday.  The walk to the train was tough.  There was also a derailed train near jamaica so the commute was much longer.  But I finally got to work and it’s busy.  A short week this week.  Only 3 days, plus tomorrow I need to get  my tooth fixed. JOY.

Also I decided not to shoot darts on the team anymore.  Like I said in the past.  The Monday night games have become less and less fun.  And not only do I not enjoy going, I am enjoying darts less, which sucks. So I decided to end my season short, and ramp up for next season.  Taking this week off and starting practicing in December.  Next season will have a nice new outlook!

Went out with Tommy gun Friday night to biddy’s which was fun.  Drinking chatting with JJ, good times. PLUS my wife PICKED ME UP.  It was great!

Have a good Monday.


Monday, November 17th, 2008

Wow last update was October 30th.  Today is November 17th.  That’s a lot of useless news you all have been missing out on!  Let’s get you up to speed

1) Economy is in the crapper, I am lucky to be working.

2) Baby Egg has been sick off and on all month, and his sleeping sucks.  But it seems he is finally getting better and sleep is slowly ( I use this word gingerly so my wife doesn’t punch me in the mouth) getting better.

3) Our car died, luckily it was in the driveway, and it cost a fortune to fix.  Damn it.

4) Work is still very busy, and we are cost cutting like crazy, thus my lack of posting.

5) Warhammer online is fun for me.  But the general public is crying about it sucking.  I think they will fix it.  I made some destruction toons and the Black Orc is so much fun!

Tonight is darts, sort of.  The captain of our opposing team called last week to ask for a postponement.  But never got back to us, even after our captain called.  Dart drama sucks.  So tonight we are going to our home bar, probably not playing anyone, and just going to bitch and drink.  Drinking is good though!

Lastly my wife and I went out Saturday night!  We got a GREAT baby sitter and went to a great German restaurant.  Unfortunately Diana got a really bad headache so we cut the night short.  But we hope to do it again this week!! Going out not getting a headache!

Anyway here is a cute picture of baby Eggs.  Have a nice week.  I will update tomorrow !!!

Cute guy!

Cute guy!

Monday Night darts, Tuesday morning HELL

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Well Last night we shot darts at home.  It was nice to be back at Biddy’s.  Thanks to Corey for being such a great bartendar.  Darts was rough. And I mean really rough.  We got killed 19-5.  Julio and company are a really stacked team.  But we had a lot of chances and didn’t pull through.

On a personal note I don’t know what to do with darts.  I really enjoy shooting, BUT I feel the team is a bit stagnant, and there is no general direction.  I only get out once a week.  And sometimes it gets very frustrating, and that just isn’t worth it!  I want to go out and have fun! and compete.  And lately the fun is fading.

I had a good time last night. But some days I rather wait until Friday night and shoot pickup darts.

Dart dilemma

Dart dilemma

I got home around 1245 in the morning.  And crashed on the couch.  baby Egg is still not sleeping well.  So night time is rough.

I woke up to POURING Rain.  and it was COLD.  I have to walk to the train station, so I knew I would be screwed.

I put on my raincoat, got my umbrella, and walked FAST to the train.  5 minutes later i am SOAKED.  COLD, and in pain!  This was probably the worst commute to date.  When I got on the train, my head was pounding, my knee got twisted up, and I was soaked.

I managed to fall asleep until some fat ass sat next to me.

Got to work and now everything is cooling down.  Going to be a rough weekend , we have to shut the power down in our building at work, so I get to miss Halloween.

Happy Freaking Tuesday!

Darts AGAIN. Rough Tuesday.

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Darts on Monday night was…. rough.  We shot at Molly Pitchers, close to Biddys (nice).  This team we played were a bunch of guys who we knew USED to be in the B division, but now are in A2.  I shot against their captain Richie a few times.  But we all went in with a positive attitude.

Scotty mixed up the lineup which I thought was good, but he excluded himself until Double Double which was puzzling to me.  Anyway here is my short recap, and here is a shot of tommy gun shooting.

Tommy at the Line

Tommy at the Line

Singles 501 – We were all eager to get going.  Ed started us off, and from the first dart thrown you know our opponents were not joking around.  I think the first game was a 24 darter.  Ed hung in there but was overmatched against his opponent. Ed’s shooting was really solid, and going down 3 games doesn’t reflect on his talent.  Going first is tough, and ed shot lights out.

Tommy went next with a similar caliber opponent.  Tommy got angry after losing game 1 and pulled a great out in game #2, but went down in #3.  Tommy guns darts are back, he will be a force on the team this season.

I went third, which is a different setup for me.  I won the first game with a nice Double Double out.  2nd game he stole it because I could not get out, third game I took from him with a lucky double 1

Christian went last, and again was a bit outmatched.  He had a little of the first night jitters (which we all had despite the endless beer).  Christians shooting is great, but I think he only one one game.  I was busy cheering him and drinking.

Cricket – Eric and christian.  We usually have very good chemistry when shooting.  We won the first game by pounding some points and running the board on them.  2 and 3rd game were losses due to them hammering points, and not letting us back in.

Tom and Ed – They are a solid ass team.  But lost all 3.  Wish i had more details but I was drunk at this point.

Double Double – Eric and Scotty – scotty and eric looked good, but we lost all 3.  Couldn’t get on the 2nd game which hurt.

Tom and Christian – They won one of their games against 2 very difficult opponents.  Tommy and Chrisitan are a good team.  Tom can rile christian up and tom fuels off his anger, which meant fun games to watch but just one victory.

All in all a great night.  Even though we lost 18-6 we came away knowing that we need to work to make it.  Good bunch of guys and no problems at all during the night.  Tonight we face off at Biddy’s.  See you there.  I will have a more detailed report next time, I was too preoccupied to pay good attention.  It wont happen again.

Shoot well