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20 Hour Day, Rise of the Lycans.

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Well On Tuesday the building announced that they must shut the power down… for an emergency. My thoughts were “YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING”. Anyway I got to work at 7am, working until 830PM.

Then I shut the power down. Went out for a great sushi dinner, then had so much time to kill. So i went to see this movie.

Underworld 3

Underworld 3

I went to Kips bay theatre. This was playing, so I bought a 12.50 ticket and watched it. It was MUCH better than the 2nd one. IT took place before the 1st movie. It was actually pretty good. Felt good to be in the movies again!

After the movie I headed to biddy’s since I had some time to kill and shot some darts. Never losing a match. So this makes it 3 WHOLE nights that I didn’t lose a single game! awesome.

Then at 130pm, I went BACK to work, powered everything up and didn’t leave until around 5am.

What a freaking long day.

Had Yesterday off, and now I am back at work.

Happy Thursday!